Mother Ru$$ia II

I have been dieing to finish the story. Nearly a year later I began to understand the “Why?” behind the whole event. Summer of 2007 I was at Colorado State University for the Campus Crusade for Christ staff conference. One of the guest speakers was Chip Ingram, author of one of my favorite books, Good to Great in God’s Eyes, and president of Walk through the Bible. I was sitting in Moby gym taking notes as he explained his own hard story, and began to explain what he had learned while reading the Lazarus story in John 11.

I had never seen it before. He said that Jesus had a special relationship with Mary and Martha and Lazarus. When Jesus came into town Mary, Martha, and Lazarus were the people that He stayed with. He knew them well. They were the type of friends that he could just walk in the door and eat whatever was in the refrigerator. The were tight, very close. Yet when Jesus heard that Lazarus, one of his close friends was sick, he didn’t come running to the rescue. He waited. Why did he wait? He waited, because he wanted his best friends to know Him and understand Him better. He waited because they didn’t know Him completely yet. There were still some misconceptions that they had about Him. Jesus loved them to much to let them now know Him incompletely. So he waited.

When Jesus finally came we see how much he loved them. He wept. In the end Mary, Martha, Lazarus all knew Him better. At the end of the story, Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. Those that Jesus loved, got the chance to see just who Jesus really is. How loving and powerful He is. They didn’t know Him as well as he wanted them to know Him so he waited, and was able to show them the kind of love and power that He truly had.

When I heard this story explained, I wept. I knew why Jesus had waited to provide the money that I need. He loved me too much to let me know Him as I did. He wanted me to know Him more as He truly is. Chip Ingram’s talk on Lazarus.

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I work with Cru in Leadership Development.
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