Pablo and Etel

As soon as I walk in the door to Pablo and Etels apartment I felt honored to be there. Andreas a medical student involved with Campus Crusade in Buenos Aires was dressed nice and asked me to come in and sit down. Bread, meat and cheese for starters, along with the national drink or so it seems, Matte. It is like hot tea that seems to be tied into the culture of the country.

I don’t speak much Spanish and Pablo, Etel and Andreas don’t speak much English so we did best we could. It seemed to take a least half the room to have one conversation. As we talked we would hit a word we could explain or didn’t know how to say and we would look to our translators. There were 3 people that could speak enough of both language and the graciously helps us all out.

It was great hearing Pablo and Etels story. they have the nickname, “the newly weds” because they are newly wed. They have been married just about a year and were married a month after Adrienne and I. So we connected over being int he same stage of life and shared the story’s of how we met our wives, with help from the translators.

Later Andreas had top go and David joined us, as we watch the Bicentennial Parade, entitled “A History of Argentina” Basically it entail me watching the TV and asking question to David, which he didn’t understand so Thomas and I would as a translator then ask David, he would try to tell us, and need a translator. It sounds maddening but was actually quite fun due to the great company, and great food. Basically I learned a brief history of Argentina through a parade and charades.

As we prepared to go Pablo shared what he hoped our time would look like as we went to the Architecture campus. It was good to hear him speak from the heart about the Argentina students that he loved and encouraged us to love as well.

About Dan Butz

I work with Cru in Leadership Development.
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