Leaders Pray

When I re-watched Avatar, on family vacation, I was moved by a particular scene. Jake Sulley, the main character, is a ex Marine, who is living on another planet. He has been living as one of the native people and has decided to defend the native way of life, against his own people. On the night before the battle, after all the preparations have been made, and there is nothing left to do, Jake gets on his knees connects to the the “Tree of Souls” and asks for help.

When I re-watched Avatar it was about 3 weeks before Florida State was scheduled to start a new school year. Now the time is here. Freshmen move in tomorrow. I like Jake have done all the preparation that I can and I have found myself praying more and more.

Now Jake and I don’t have a lot in common. First off I am not a fictional character and Jake is. Jake prays to Ewah a mother, I pray to God my Father in Jesus name. In spite of all the differences, and there are many, my question is…

When you are on the edge of something new, and you have made all the preparations, do you pray? And if so why?


About Dan Butz

I work with Cru in Leadership Development.
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