Emotional Tension

I am a highly emotional person. Due to that there are times that my emotions don’t help me but hurt me. They make it hard for me to see reality clearly, or just do the things that I need to do. One principle has been very helpful to me to deal with the sometimes overwhelming emotions. The Principle is Fact, Faith, Feeling, in that exact order. Let me explain. The Fact is God and his Word. It never changes and is the foundation. Faith, it is where one puts their trust. If you are going to put your trust somewhere why wouldn’t you put it in someone who is completely trustworthy, powerful, and never changes, that is God and his Word, aka the Facts. Then there are feelings. They are up and down, unpredictable, and unworthy of complete faith and trust. If we place our Faith in the Facts of God and his Word our Feelings often follow.

I still think Fact Faith Feeling is a great principle and true, but I have some tension. I have read and been pondering some ideas in the book, The Cry of the Soul How Our Emotions Reveal our Deepest Questions about God. The truth is I feel a tension between this book and the Fact, Faith Feeling principle but I am not sure if there is a tension there or the thoughts are in agreement. What I do know is that I have found both the Fact Faith Feeling Principle and the principles in The Cry of the Soul Extremely helpful in dealing with my emotions in a God honoring and glorifying way. I am glad that we as FSU Cru are doing the “The Way You Make Me Feel” series. Emotions are a part of each person that God created, and He said they are good. Yet like every part of us they are corrupted by the power of sin. So as a Christian I desire to follow Christ and become more like Him, which includes having emotions like His. I can’t change my emotions on my own. It is God who causes the growth in me yet I have apart to play in actively putting myself in a position in which God can do His work on me.

What principles, or books have you found helpful in conforming your emotions to the emotions of Christ?

About Dan Butz

I work with Cru in Leadership Development.
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3 Responses to Emotional Tension

  1. Johnathan Lee says:

    I think faith, fact, feeling helps me a lot, but I don’t tend to be as emotional of a person. Thus, I think my challenge is ever valuing feelings for being from God and usable for His glory. I like to think about the difference in happiness and joy; happiness is a reflection of the current situation, while joy is rooted in Christ. I think it’s cool when I look at Christ’s life and how he reflected this by being so focused, so mission-minded while on earth but yet wept (John 11:35), rejoiced (Luke 10:21), overturned tables, and sweat like blood (Luke 22:44). I enjoyed reading your post and want to be a learner in this area.

  2. Jeremy says:

    If you are an emotional person, I wonder what that makes me? LOL. Thank you for posting this. As you know, I have always been an emotional person, too much so and it is about time I put myself in a place to get those under control. Thank you for reminding me about Fact, Faith, and Feeling.

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