Birthday Thoughts

I have received a precious gift 10 days before my birthday on April 3rd in Audrey Grace. As birthdays can tend to do I have been reflective today on the recent history and partially on my 34 years of existence. As I have reflected I have been so thankful.

Recently I have been so thankful to God and Family. Even though our Family officially started when Adrienne and I got married there is a sense in that our Family has just begun. This life that God has brought into the world he also created and loves (Psalm 139), and we are experiencing his love by the blessing of the life that God has entrusted to us. Thank You Lord for Audrey, and giving her to us at just the right time. In the process of establishing our family, I am very thankful for the families that Adrienne and I came from. The help of Audrey’s Grandparents have given us a great start, by sharing their experiences, helping us in the hospital, and transitioning home. They have given of themselves abundantly and our lives are blessed as a result.

Over the Past 34 years there have been several important and defining moments but as life goes and we see with greater clarity we can distill them down with more precision. Three events or relationships stand out above the others. First giving my life to Jesus Christ in my dorm room at college. My relationship with Christ, has defined my life more than any other single event or relationship. Because Jesus, I am forgiven, loved and empowered to be more than I am, more than I ever thought I could be. Thank you Jesus for giving your life that we could be in relationship forever.  Second would be the day they I married Adrienne Coogan. Her influence in my life has been greater than I could have imagined. She has helped me be a better man. Thank You Adrienne. Now there is Audrey. Audrey’s birth and entrance into the world, adds the role and title of Father to my life. I know Audrey’s birth and our relationship will change me more than I know now. I am embracing the change that is to come and Thankful to all those who have played a role in my 34 years.

About Dan Butz

I work with Cru in Leadership Development.
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