The Shepherd and His Lost Sheep

I have been enjoying, “A Shepherd Looks at the Good Shepherd”, by Phillip Keller. This morning this section stood out to me. I am praying it would be true of me.

“He simply asks me to be the one who will be so attached to Him, so fond of Him, so true to Him, that in truth I shall be like His pet lamb… No matter where He takes me; no matter where he places me; no matter who I am alongside of in my daily living, that person will be induced to eventually follow the Shepherd because I follow Him.

Put in another way it may be said that any Christian’s effectiveness in winning others is directly proportional to his own devotion to the Master. Show me a person to whom Christ is absolutely paramount and I will show you one who gently but surely is gathering in others from the pastures of the world.

This is the individual who has entered into an exciting, adventuresome, fresh mode of life in God. Day after day, under the guidance of the Good Shepherd, he goes in and out to find fresh pastures of new experience. His life touches other lives, and all the time here and there he sees others gently gathered in, because he was willing to be sent forth wherever the Shepherd best saw fit to place him.”

How can you embrace Christ and where He has placed you so that He can use you to gather His sheep?

About Dan Butz

I work with Cru in Leadership Development.
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