Giftedness & Character

I heard a great sermon this week by Isaac Hunter from Summit Church in Orlando. It was on the person and story of Samson and the way that character and giftedness played out in his life. Here are a few of the take always that I had from the sermon.

You can get by on your giftedness and your character will remain undeveloped.

Giftedness can isolate you from community that God can use to shape your character.

You can choose to rely on your giftedness or you can choose to rely on God and people.

Gifts are given to us by God to glorify Him and build His Kingdom, not to glorify self and build your own kingdom.

At Fall Getaway David Robins said, “If dependence on Christ is the goal,  then weakness is an advantage.” If weakness is an advantage then giftedness could be a disadvantage. Paul unlike Samson, was a gifted man yet decided to boast in and delight in his weakness rather than his strength for Christ’s sake. (2 Corinthians 12:7-10)

Is your character growing with your gifts?
Are you relying on your gifts and neglecting character?
How can you depend on God and others in your weakness and in your gifts?

About Dan Butz

I work with Cru in Leadership Development.
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