John Piper Passion 2013

At Passion 2012 the talk that came back to my mind the most was Piper’s. A few weeks after the conference I reread my notes from Pipers talk this year and again they have been helpful to me. So I am posting them here for you unedited and taken on my phone.

Revelation 5
1. Jesus is the key that unlocks the mystery of history. He is the center of the story of history.
2. The reason he is center who is able is because He is a lion and lamb.
3. He turned people into a kingdoms of priests.
4, Jesus is infinity worthy of praise and glory. The universe is created to display the glory of God.
There is a connection between our worship and gods glory.
“Admiration is the rarest and highest of pleasure.” Ayne Rayn
In this universe the intensity of our joy displays the infinity worth of Jesus.
In the heaven there will be no obstacles from our enjoyment of Jesus and endless new and creative ways to enjoy Him.
If you are in Christ that is your future.
Your admiration of the infinite worth of Jesus.
I am laying a foundation for the sacrifice of love for the cause of liberation.
If you do this you will suffer.
This foundation not only allows us to not only endure suffering but embrace it.
Several suffering verses.
Not only endure suffering but walk into it, embrace suffering.
A pattern of power to suffer.
Pattern – 3 steps
1. A heart joyfully treasuring the reward. A soul satisfaction of a Christ saturated future.
2. That sole satisfaction frees you from self protecting fear.
3. The fruit is fearless love no matter the cause.
Hebrews 10:32-
Not amazing – their property was plundered
Amazing – They joyfully accepted the plundering of the property.
How did they do that?
Since they knew they had a better inheritance, reward.
Chapter 11:24-26
By faith Moses choosing rather to be mistreated with the people of God.
He looked to the reward.
V 25 choosing suffering – embracing suffering
Hebrews 12:1
The greatest act of liberation in the world was Jesus freeing those who believe in Him on the cross.
Rev 1:5
How did the God Man have the ability to embrace the cross.
V2 the joy set before him.

Ethical teachers say “If you do a good deed for your reward you are not loving you are selfish.”
They are saying to have a higher motivation than Jesus. Jesus looked to the reward.
You have to ask yourself are you going to belive the ethical teacher or the Bible.
Are you going to belilve them or follow Jesus’s example.
The satisfaction they had in Christ was the power that freed them to love.
That satisfaction broke the power of selfishness.
Why isn’t it selfish to love another for your own reward?
Because your reward is to include them in the reward that you are looking forward to.

It is not an accident that the greatest chapter of the Bible ends this way.
Romans 8:
Who shall separate us from the live of Christ.

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