God and Self

After reflecting on and telling my story to a group of pastors and missionaries at a missions conference I had these thoughts.
When I came to Christ 2 things changed.
1. My view of God from condemning to forgiving.
2. My view of myself from fine on my own to in need of help from a savior.
Although my very identity has been changed and he will never leave me and never forsake me I still find the same changes take place in me. When I am not experiencing God I am thinking wrongly about Him. He is condemning and I have to prove my worth to Him and secondly I am just fine, and will prove it to him. Since this is impossible and untrue both of God and of myself a change is needed. I need to think rightly about God and myself just like I did when I first came to know Jesus. Jesus  as my loving and forgiving God with no condemnation for me any longer. I also need to see myself as a needy dependent child who can’t do anything for God with out his help and enablement. I am so thankful for the reminder that I never graduate from these basic an profound truths.
Father thank you so much for living me enough to give your Son for me. Thank you for not allowing me to live with a false view of You or a false view of me.
I love you and I need you. Live your perfect life though my imperfect life.

About Dan Butz

I work with Cru in Leadership Development.
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