Killer Angels – Leadership

I am reading the classic novel, “Killer Angels” by Michael Shaara, in preparation for a leadership development experience in Gettysburg that I am so excited about. Here is what I am thinking about as I prepare.

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain a Colonel in the union army remembered two things that an officer must do to lead men from a friend who never cared about love: “You must care for your men’s welfare. You must show physical courage.” p 124

This reminded me so clearly to what a wiser and more seasoned leader once told me. “Love people well. Then challenge them.” That advice lead me to trust God for more than I ever had at that point and see him do more than I could imagine. It seemed similar to me to what the Colonel said in the book.

May be they both can be summed up by, Care and Courage. Two essential ingredients to leadership. How do you lead with care and courage?

About Dan Butz

I work with Cru in Leadership Development.
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